March 29 2010

Impossible cameras

Despite the rumors that the Impossible Project proved to be impossible they’ve come out with their first products. Namely the newly designed Polaroid 600 One Camera. Neatly encased it comes with one package of Giambarba Edition 600 film.

Polaroid lovers rejoice.

February 6 2010
January 14 2010

Digital Harinezumi zumi zumi zumi

„It’s time you realize that there are other cameras in the sea — like the Zumi Digital. True, she’s no megapixel marvel. She has no interest in aperture or telephoto zoom. She doesn’t even have a legitimate viewfinder…

But if you were to take the Zumi on a date to the movies, she’d pick a documentary over a romcom. Then she’d bring her own snacks, laugh at your dumb jokes, and make all the first moves.“

I know it’s a lot to promise to someone you’ve just met on the internet, but I just wanted to tell you, that I’m in love with you and I know that we’ll be taking many beautiful pictures and live happily together for many years to come (or at least till your plastic lens get all scratched up and foggy).

Buy her at photojojo and have a look at some amazing photos taken with it before you do.

via iso50

January 12 2010

Interesting Letterhead Designs

Nice letterheards from Superman to Adolf Hitler via

December 28 2009
December 21 2009
November 30 2009

Poster series of popular TV shows

These are just brilliant. More brilliant work at (via vonbi)

November 29 2009
November 13 2009

Kinderpostzegels, jaa

Animated illustrations by Christian Borstlap with animator Paul Postma for Dutch children’s charity Kinderpostzegels (via aestheticinterlude)

June 15 2009

High-end of the lo-tech

As far as low-tech photography goes this Blackbird, fly twin-lens reflex camera by Superheadz is as high-end as it gets, but as these cameras are all about having fun while taking pictures, I’m not going to bore you with specs and will let you admire how beautiful these limited edition Rolleiflex lookalikes are.

They go as low as $125 at

This is going to be my last plastic camera. Promise.